Accesorios para la pesca al estilo Euro Nymph

Todo lo que necesitas para completar tu equipamiento Euro Nymph

Euro nymphing is relatively simple, but extremely effective. In order to unlock the full potential of this fishing technique, we have put together some practical accessories for you in this product category to help you be even more successful. With euro nymphing in particular, it is crucial to get as close as possible to where the fish are thought to be standing, as you can drift your nymphs very precisely at close range. Not only is high-quality wading equipment essential for this, which you can find in a separate menu item, but a wading pole is also very useful, as it is not only very practical, but also increases your safety enormously when wading. To avoid spooking the fish when you approach, you should make your silhouette as small as possible. Knee pads are not only very comfortable on hard ground, but also protect your waders from premature wear and tear. Various small parts also make it easier for you to handle the monofilament line.
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